Trump’s Border Wall Movie Not So ‘Great’

Fingers are being pointed firmly at Hollywood by the White House this weekend, as the Trump administration’s first propaganda film has bombed at the box office.  The film, The Great Wall, was planned to coincide with the groundbreaking of the actual, physical wall along the United States southern border with Mexico and change the hearts and minds of those opposed to the construction.

Unfortunately for the White House, the film has instead been called ‘an embarrassment’ and a ‘steaming hot mess’.

Complaints about the movie include the look of the wall, which experts have agreed does not match the plans for the actual wall. Others have noted that the filming was obviously done at some remote area and not on location along the border. 

Jack Conoles of  the Los Alamos Movie Review Lab says in his review:

“It’s just horrible. First, the wall is not at all straight and looks like it’s going to buckle and collapse at any moment. It has to be the worst set I’ve ever seen in a Hollywood movie. Also, it looks like they shot the movie in Mongolia or something, probably in order to save money, and it shows.

The tight budget also impacted the casting. From the start it is obvious that they cast locals to play most roles in the film, including the US Border Patrol. So everyone in uniform is obviously Asian, accent and all, and not at all authentic.

You would think that the casting and the sets would be bad enough, but it gets worse. About forty minutes into the movie we get our first glimpse of the immigrants trying to cross the border, and it is just shocking. 

Through the use of computer graphics these poor immigrants come out attacking the wall literally looking like animals, demons, or some kind of aliens. Why they felt the need to dehumanize all those poor souls we’ll never know, but it is just disgusting. The catapults were a nice touch of realism though.”

The US Border Patrol has reacted to the movie, giving many statements over the last two days. “We understand that many people are going to be shocked by what they see, but we stand by the film. It is as authentic as we could make it. Those illegals do bite and climb walls,” said Officer Gonzales of the Pepe Junction Border Patrol Station. “People need to understand how badly we need this ‘Great Wall’ along the border. All the bows and catapults can only keep stop some of them some of the time. In fact, millions are believed to have somehow gotten through our defenses already.