Steve Martin Finally Gets His Blue Spotlight

It was in 1977 that Steve Martin asked the backstage crew at San Francisco’s Boarding House Theater for a little mood lighting. “Yeah, it was a new bit, a little something different you know?” asks Steve, recalling the moment he first asked for the blue spotlight. “So, I ask for the blue spot and nothing happens. Okay, I figure, there’s no one back there, or they are out getting stoned or something. The whole crew were hippies and so…but it’s my ass on that stage, hung out to dry without a blue spot. I looked ridiculous and I didn’t handle it well. I lost my cool, you know?”

This would not be the first time Steve would be denied his blue spot. “It became a running gag and followed me around for years. I’d be doing SNL and I’d suddenly get a red spot, or maybe yellow. It would be the grips having fun, having heard of how Steve just can’t catch a blue spot.” Mr. Martin tells us that “the closest I ever got was at an awards show, I was walking off stage and suddenly the podium is just bathed in blue…but that was for the next presenter. I tried to rush the stage, but security…more hippies.”

But all is well that ends well. As Martin took the podium to accept his AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, he got the biggest prize he could hope for, the one prize that had eluded him his entire career in comedy…he finally got his blue spotlight. “The awards validate one’s career, but finally getting that blue spot…means so much,” says a tearful Steve Martin. “I can finally let this feud with the hippies end. Finally.”

One thought on “Steve Martin Finally Gets His Blue Spotlight

  • February 14, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Steve Martin deserves a blue spot, sure. Why must those hippies hold a grudge?


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