PetTV Nabs Disk Golf Broadcast Rights, Purina to Sponsor With New Line of Golf Clothing

Pet oriented cable channel looks to dominate international 4-10 yr. old pet viewership market.

PetTV on Tuesday announced an eight-year international media rights agreement with the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), in a partnership with pet food maker Purina. The $10.2 billion deal calls for Purina’s new line of golf clothing to become the official golf wear of the PDGA and PetTV.

The sponsorship of Purina’s newest clothing line was a welcome surprise for both the network and the PDGA. “Of course the new clothing line was not meant for the pet viewership market, we were just trying to do something with the brand,” according to Purina spokesperson Nat Clive. “Frankly, when all you’ve got is plaid you are pretty much limited to making ridiculous golf clothes. But when we heard about PetTV taking professional disk golf to the international market, we were intrigued. Animals are smart. Combine our signature bold plaids with a good game that resembles fetch and we can spread the Purina brand to pet markets worldwide.”

The pet-oriented cable channel, now available in 186 Million homes, is counting on professional disk golf to help break into the overseas markets. “While Disk Golf has just started to capture the hearts and minds of American pets, the sport is already a huge hit in other parts of the world,” explains PetTV CEO Pat Shoemaker. “In Asia and Europe amateur disk golf has overtaken soccer among canine viewership and badminton among felines. With the combination of professionals moving stuff across the screen, and the subliminal plaids, we think we might be able to boost our ratings to a solid 50, maybe even a 60 share in the coveted 4-10 yr. old segment.”

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