Milo Yiannopoulos’ Book to Have ‘Off Switch’

Fans of Milo Yiannopoulos may have some good news after all! Publisher Simon & Schuster has reversed course and decided to publish Milo’s book, Dangerous, according to sources.

An Amazon Book executive, speaking anonymously to The Factoid, has said that though details are not yet finalized, it seems that “Simon & Schuster are not ready to simply let their $250K advance walk away.

“The publisher was just caught off guard,” according to the source from Amazon Books. “They thought they were buying a book about politics, not some gay grooming guide or something.” The source went on to explain that the new deal will require the book to add a lengthy disclaimer on it’s flyleaf, and to also include ‘an off switch’.

Book historians are already hailing the very existence of such a switch as ‘a real game changer’ that ‘is like reinventing the wheel, but for books’. “A book with an off switch? That’s fucking brilliant,” said Jeremy Scowl of the Linguistic Mitigation Studies Lab at Los Alamos. “Up until now if you wanted a book to shut up you had only one real choice…fire! Sure you could put it in a jar way up high on a shelf…but this off switch sounds very promising. With this, if you have bought or downloaded a book you don’t like, you can jut get up, cross the room and turn the damn thing off. Brilliant!”

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