FBI Director Comey Insists Congress Close, Reopen Russia Investigation

FBI director James Comey sent a letter to Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., demanding the investigation into Russian ties to the Trump administration be closed temporarily. 

This investigation has proceeded past many opportunities to close and reopen, and I now feel compelled to call for the closing of the investigation, in preparation for the eventual ro-opening of the issue,” explains Comey in his letter. The response from the committee to the letter has been mixed, with both side pointing the finger at the other.

We Republicans have been trying to get this investigation closed, believe me,” said Chairman Burr in reaction to the charges laid out in the letter. “All of us Republicans have been trying to close this thing, it is the Democrats that insist that the case stay open. How can we properly reopen this without closing it first like responsible investigators should?” Burr’s comments have been verified by many sources within the Senate.

Senate Democrats meanwhile are blaming the erratic nature of the GOP, saying they fear the case might not be reopened should they let it close. “Look, we all know these cases should be closed and reopened every week or two,” said Maurice Kelly, a member of the Intelligence Committee. “But that Freedom Caucus won’t let anything stay open, they are trying to close all kinds of things. Obamacare, the EPA, NPR, you name it. Sometimes, it seems like they want to shut down the whole government!