Elvo’s Big Comeback Derailed by Feldman Today Show Performance

The widely anticipated comeback of Elvo, history’s greatest ethnic Elvis impersonator, was derailed earlier this week when his new muse, Corey Feldman, gave a bizarre performance on NBC’s Today show.

Feldman’s Friday performance of his new hit single,”Go 4 It”, went viral, drawing a backlash from the sighted community, many of whom were watching TV at the time.

It was so bad that even Feldman was left in tears, apologizing to fan’s in a since deleted Facebook video. “It just got really weird. I’m sorry, OK?” said a sobbing Feldman while holding a woobie.

A representative for the woobie seen in Feldman’s Facebook video has denied any actual acquaintance exists between the woobie and Feldman.

Fallout from the performance has been especially hard on the many Feldman impersonators all across the globe, like Elvo. Having been thought dead for decades after faking his own death, Elvo was booked for a 10 show ‘Comeback Tour’ at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, this time impersonating Corey Feldman. The first of those shows was to be this weekend, but it is unclear if the shows will go on or be cancelled.

“This was gonna be, like, my big comeback and stuff. I was gonna be the biggest ethnic Feldman impersonator on the planet! But after that Today show…how can I go out there and pretend to be this guy?” asked Elvo. “I got a text from my mate back in Runcorn asking why I didn’t plan to impersonate an ethnic Gene Wilder instead. And I’m like I’m allergic to chocolate, duh.”

So far only a handful of Feldman impersonators have quit due to the backlash, while others are speaking out and considering their options.

“I just have to tell everybody that, like, it’s been really painful,” said Mort ‘Feldman’ Ross, 43, a Feldman impersonator from the Nether Regions. “We put ourselves out there and we do the best that we can, but then Corey lowers the bar like that. It hurts. On the upside, I have been booked for 3 weddings since the show, and now I can add some dancing to my routine, which is nice.”

As with any viral happening, the final outcome will not be clear for some time. Still, Elvo reminds us this is not his first experience with dying on stage and that the show must go on. “I just wish he would have tried really hard,” said Elvo. “You cannot act like they are just fans and give them something awful. Remember, I used to be the drummer for Spinal Tap. The fans, they won’t tolerate it, believe me.”


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