Clinton Email Scandal ‘A Bargain at ‘Only $16Million”

The Trump administration officially closed the investigation into former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server on Wednesday, announcing for the first time the total cost of the investigation: $16 Million.

The DNC quietly thanked the FBI and Justice Department for the closure saying in a statement ‘that at this point we still are not sure, it is not clear what difference we have no recollection.” The Republican party has been uncharacteristically quiet about the closure, with only a few congressmen openly asking questions about getting their moneys worth out of the ordeal.

For $16 Million they could have maybe opened and closed the case a couple more times I think,” said Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). “But at $16 Million, I guess we got off light. At least she didn’t blow anyone. Or, well, get caught blowing someone.” Cruz explained he was referring to the $40 million spent on many occasions in the ’90s to investigate Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton

Clinton Scandals usually start in the $40 Million range,” Hal Worthington of the Dog Spot Institute at Los Alamos told The Factoid News. “And that’s $40 Million for most all of them. Blowjobs, travel office scandals, murder cover-ups, showing your dick to random women….all them sorts of things. At only $16 Million, this email scandal was a bargain.”

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